Construction of the orphanage began on 14 July 2011. We thank everyone who has contributed their time, money and talents to help us in realizing The Little Angels of the Broken Wings Orphanage. As of April, 2012, the walls were up, basic bathroom plumbing had been installed, and the entrance porch was nearing completion.  Flood damage at the site and a bridge outage set us back, but most of the building was ready by July 2012.

The  series of photos below runs through November 15, 2011.    The first building  to be constructed is the medical building.  Bro. Joseph and members of  his family, along with citizens young and old from   Camp-Louise can be seen laying out the guidelines, digging, carrying  materials, making  supports from rebar, pouring concrete, laying the foundation, and starting on the block walls.  The foundation of rock and concrete is complete.  As of November 15, 2011, three courses of blocks had been laid on two and a half sides of the medical building.


CONSTRUCTION PHOTOS – END OF FEBRUARY THROUGH APRIL 2012 – Since November of 2011, storm damage set us back somewhat. These photos show the subsequent progress and the status from the end of February through April 2012. On the morning of April 10, 2012 the bridge just off of HT-1 (Route Nationale #1) on the road to Camp Louise collapsed. This happened about 15 minutes before Joseph reached the bridge, thank God. Our truck could not pass, so the rebar, wood and cement had to be unloaded from the truck and transported by motorcycles to the building site. From April 13-17 we had to hire boats to bring in the materials from Labadee, because the road off of HT-1 was blocked off.