The medical mission team from The Silver Spring Church of God arrived in Labadie, Haiti on Tuesday evening July 10, 2012. The members were Sis. Joseline Pierre, Dr. Johanne Pierre, Bro. James Pierre, Associate Pastor Reverend LaJuana Caldwell and Local World Missions Representative Ross Lewchuk. On Wednesday they were on site at the medical building for orientation with the Little Angels of the Broken Wings staff members from Camp Louise. On Thursday 12 July 2012 Bro. Joseph Pierre presided over the ceremony of dedication, with citizens and leaders from Camp-Louise in attendance. Reverend Caldwell and Sis. Joseline ministered in prayer, the Word and song, and Bishop William R. Kilby phoned in from The Silver Spring Church of God to greet and bless the people. After the ceremony, the missionaries and staff moved into the clinic to receive patients from the community for triage, treatment and referrals to the hospital. A lethargic infant with severe infections was quickly assessed and the mother given private financial assistance to get to an emergency room. Another community member was assessed with very high blood pressure, which Sis. Joseline was able to get under control by administering the proper medications. Our long term goal is to have the clinic open 5 days a week for triage, with a professional volunteer doctor or nurse available at least one day per week. One of our big challenges is getting sufficient supplies of medications and equipment into the clinic. The roads into Camp-Louise from Port-au-Prince, Cap Haitien and Labadee are extremely rough and dangerous. We have a great need for infant, children’s and adult dosage ibuprofen and acetaminophen, as well as cough drops. (PLEASE: NO LIQUIDS!). In Maryland, these items can be left at The Silver Spring Church of God. Thanks to all for your continued support!

Below are photos of the medical ministry after the dedication. At the end are two views of the terrain from the clinic windows.