In February of 2011 Joseph and his family, in cooperation with international donors and help from local residents were successful in drilling a new well and installing a pump for exclusive use by the Little Angels of the Broken Wings Orphanage. As you may know, fresh, clean water for drinking and personal hygiene is a highly prized commodity in Haiti, especially with the threat of cholera. Following is a gallery of photos documenting the drilling and installation.

First you will see workers clearing the perimeter of the site to allow the trucks to enter, one truck having a tank of water needed in drilling and then flushing the pipe of muddy drilling water. Some children and a teacher from the Camp-Louise school came to study the operations and learn about the value of clean water. Near the end of the gallery you will see a photo of Joseph lecturing the children on water and personal hygiene. Scenes also include drilling, installing the PVC pipe through the well head, workers relaxing under a mango tree and finally the pump in action supplying good clean water!