The orphanage was opened on November 1, 2014. As of the end of December 2014 we had ten boys being housed in the medical building, and 28 girls living elsewhere in the town. During the day, all 38 children receive care on the orphanage site. The (very large) photo gallery below shows the preparations for the official reception of the children, the band members who played for the event, and the setting up of the boys’ dorm area. You will see the daily routines of bathing at the pump (Right now the shower rooms are being used as part of the medical clinic, until the dormitory building proper can be built.), grace and meals on the porch, sports (A soccer field is next door, shared with cows and goats!), and night time prayer in the boys’ dorm area. The rather light complected young man and woman are visiting missionaries from Canada. Thank you, missionaries! Also depicted are medical activities, a birthday boy cutting his cake, and (at the very end) some boys proudly displaying and playing with their own home made toys (Note the details on some of their vehicles.) We hope you enjoy the show! Click on pictures for a larger view. Your generous donations are making all of this possible. Thank You!